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Konkani food and cuisine is known for its moth watering delecacies.

Konkan Cuisine

Konkan Cuisine, MaharashtraKonkan cuisine is strong in spice, red chillie powder, corianders, and prepared with coconut oil. It is prepared using a deep purple berry that has a pleasing sweet and sour taste, kokum and raw mango as souring agents along with tamarind and lime.

Konkan cuisine is of two styles, first one is Brahmin cuisine, which uses little spice and more of coconut based ingredients. Another version is known as non-Brahmin style, prepared with lots of spice. Konkan cuisine would find prepared with peanuts, sesame and coriander as the main spicing agents if one goes a bit further towards inland.

Lots of charcoal grilled onions, which are either used chopped or ground along with masalas after being grilled are used in Konkan cuisine. Coconut is also used in various forms as raw grated, fried grated, coconut paste and coconut milk.