Maharashtra Tourism
Bidriware is an important traditional craft form in the state of Maharashtra, India.


Bidriware Art and Crafts, MaharashtraThe expertise of the artisans of Maharashtra can be seen in the fine art and craft finishes. The fine fabrics of mashru and himroo are the clear examples of their highest level of weaving art. The fabrics which looks like golden cloth are regarded to be one of the finest of its kind. The high level weaving know-how are also evident with the paithani and narayan peth sarees.

Bidriware is another well-appreciated craft of this state. It takes lots of skills and time in preparation. The district of Kolhapur gives two most famous things - jewellery and Kolhapuri chappals. Kolhapuri are known for its quality, comfortability and low price. Then come the paintings of warli tribes of Mumbai. It is even compared to the famous paintings of Madhubani, Bihar.