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Mashru and Himroo are luxury fabrics, made from cotton and silk, used earlier by the nobles of Maharashtra.

Mashru and Himroo

Himroo, also known as kum khuab is a distinctive, luxurious fabric, once used as dress material by the nobles of the olden days. The district of Aurangabad is popular because of these fine fabrics. These fabrics are made of cotton and silk using a special loom. The original form is made of silver and gold, and the threads of silver and gold were so fine that the final cloth is appeared like gold cloth.

In coarse of time, the original hand weaving fabric has changed to machine made. But a workshop in Aurangabad's Zaffar gate is continuing the conventional style of hand weaving. The workshop also maintains a show room to showcase these products. Here, one can see and shop Himru shawls and sarees. Bold patterns and colours are the specialities of Mashru fabrics. It is said that Marco Polo has been gifted a fabric woven in silk and gold threads.