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Maharashtra is home to a great tradition of folk music.

Folk Music

Folk Music, MaharashtraLavani and Povada are the most popular folk songs that entertain the village-folks in Maharashtra. Bhaleri, a folk-song is sung to cheer the farmers working in the field. They also sing special songs during the harvesting time. Village women of Maharashtra sing a folk song called owi at dawn describing maika, mother's home and sasural, husband's home. Suvasinis sing folk songs at the halad and ghana ceremonies in a marriage. Palane is a lullaby in Maharashtra to put a child to sleep. Artya is the folk song that appeases the wrath of deities to protect from diseases like smallpox, plague etc.

Bhajan, Bharud, Gondhal, Kirtan, Lalita, Abhangas and Tumbadi singing are the other forms of community entertainments based on folksongs found in Maharashtra. Gondhal, Lalita, Lavani, Povadas and Tamasha are the other forms of entertainment that involves folk music in Maharashtra.