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Know about various great poets of Maharashtra.

Poets of Maharashtra

Jnandev, popularly known as Jnaneshwara, his sister Muktabai and his two brothers were all poet-saints. His great work, the Jnaneshwari is a monumental verse commentary on the Bhagavad Gita. He also wrote Anubhavamrita. Then came Namdev, who wrote in Hindi as well as in Marathi. Some of his Hindi songs were included in the Granth Sahib, the scripture of the Sikhs. Traveling all over Maharashtra with Sant Dnyaneshwar, Namdev taught people about deep devotion to God.

Eknaath (1533-99), taught bhakti and jnana are like flower and fruit, inconceivable in separation. He succeeded the works of Jnaneshwar and Namdev. Eknaath edited the text of the Jnaneshwari as it became corrupted in coarse of time. He was both scholar and poet, and his verse exposition of chapter XI of the Bhagavata is as illuminating and as popular as the Jnaneshwari. He also wrote religious songs like Abhangas, Owees and Bharuds.

Tukaram's, (1608-'50) secret peculiarity lies in the rustic simplicity and utter frankness on self-revelation in his songs together with their profound understanding and ardent devotion. He wrote devotional songs like 'Abhangas' and performed 'Keertans'.