Maharashtra Tourism
Mandwa Kihim beach is one of the popular beaches around MUmbai, Maharashtra.

Mandwa Kihim

Kihim and Mandawa is nearly 10 km away from Mumbai. Kihim has dense coconut trees that give a pollution free green environment. This is a place for the nature lovers who want to spend some time with the beauty of the nature. The jungle of Kihim has varieties of rare flowers, butterflies and birds. One can also enjoy perfect tent stay and a wonderful surfing.

On the other hand, Mandwa captures the visitor's heart with its overwhelming serene atmosphere. Kihim beach is just a few kilometers from Mandawa. It is an ideal place to spend sometime away from the crowd and pollution.

Tourists can also visit Kolaba Fort, which is a few miles away from the shore. One can see Portuguese ruins, Buddhist caves, the Hamam Khana, a church, a temple and a synagogue.