Maharashtra Tourism
Know about various traditional costumes of Maharashtra.

Costumes of Maharashtra

As Maharashtra is a vast state, the people of this colourful state wears different types of costumes, take different cuisines, has different forms of dances and music according to the physical features of their locality. Generally, men wear dhoti and pheta in olden days, while women wear choli and saree. But with the change of time, young Maharashtrians too are fast attracting to the latest fashions imported from the western countries.

The mouth watering Konkan and Varadi cuisines would kill any visitor's appetite. Although, Maharashtrian cuisines are a bit strong in pepper and spice, but it is the speciality of the dishes of this state that world knows about. And everybody knows about the unbeatable taste of the Mumbai chaats.

The dance forms like Povada, Lavani and Koli with mesmerizing music and rhythmic movements entertain the Maharashtrians. Dhangri Gaja, Dindi, Kala and Tamasha are the folk dances that attach to the heart of the people of this state.

Foot Wear
In past days, generally people of wheat and cotton growing areas wear shoes, but were less common in the rice growing areas. Women go bare-footed, but sometimes have sandals in the past days.

For Festive Occasions
There is no special dress for any special holidays, celebrations or family get-togethers in Maharashtra. One can wear anything, which they afford to, and it depends on their choice and financial conditions.

As Maharashtra is the land of Marathas and Peshwas, women wear traditional jewelleries derived from these two dynasties. Another very much popular jewellery for the Marathi women is Kolhapuri saaj, a special type of necklace.

Men Wear
Men wear dhoti with a shirt known as the pheta in Maharashtra. They also wear headdress, which is a folded cap of made of cotton, silk or woolen cloth. It can also be a freshly folded turban known as rumal, patka, phet. Pagadi, the prepared form of turban was also used to wear, but it is rarely used this days.

Women Wear
Women in Maharashtra wear saree, which is nine yards in length and a short-sleeved blouse, which is also known as choli. The choli covers about only the half part of the torso. Generally, this is the costume of elderly Marathi women.