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Vishrambag Wada is an important monument of Pune and symbolizes Pune's rich culture and heritage.

Vishrambag Wada

Vishrambag Wada is on Bajirao Road, Pune in Maharashtra. Bajirao II built this monument. This structure is famous for its fine entrance and the balcony with carved woodwork. Vishrambag Wada is a three-storeyed mansion. The palace is 260ftX815ft in area.

Vishrambag Wada symbolizes the tales of Pune's rich culture and heritage. It took long 6 years to complete this building. Babasaheb Purandare took the responsibility of converting the inner courts and the hall of Vishrambag Wada into their original form. This place was once a garden, and derived its name from its gardener called Vishram.

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