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Pune festival is held every year between the months of August and September during Ganesh Mahotsav.

Pune Festival

Pune festival is held between August and September during Ganesh Mahotsav. It is the biggest festival of Pune. The festival goes for ten days - starts with the installation of idols of Lord on the first day to immersion of the Lord's idols on the tenth day.

Pune festival is mainly emphasized on the celebration of art and culture, song and dance, custom and tradition. It was started as a local event but now has succeeded to attract visitors from across India and abroad. The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation joining hand with the Union government actively promotes the festival abroad as a major tourist attraction.

Classical dance, music recitals, film, drama festival, automobile rallies and traditional sports are held as a part of the festival. Maestros and stalwarts from all over India are invited to perform during the festival. The denizens of Pune and also the visitors from outside enjoy the event with fullest during the celebrations.

Modern sport events, shop for exquisite textiles and handicrafts, appetizing cuisine are some of the new additions since past few years.

Pune is well connected by air, rail and road with the important places within and beyond the state. Accommodations are available at the hotels in Pune.