Maharashtra Tourism
The full moon day (purnima or pournima) in the month of Shravan is celebrated as Narali paurnima in Maharashtra.

Narali Purnima

Narali Poornima marks the end of monsoon season in Maharashtra. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Shravan. People offer coconuts to the sea. The festival also marks the beginning of the new fishing season. So, fishermen appease the sea-god before sailing out over the mighty sea. They worship for a safe fishing. Singing and dancing are the main attraction of the festival. Sweet coconut rice is prepared for the day.

Narali Pournima, Shravani Pournima, Rakhi Pournima or Raksha Bandhan are the various names given to this festival. Naral means coconut and coconut is offered to the sea, so it is called the naral poornima.